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Fine Nubian Goats, Honey Bees and Wood Working Since 1987
KB Farms Wood Working

Wood Working

KB Farms wood working currently provides bee hive bodies with 3D carving and can create customized signs for your farm, family or business. Using the latest in CNC machining technology - both hardware and software - we've created real gems for the beekeeper, and have the ability to create other gems for all. We can create a wide range of products for use in your farm, home and business.


We decided to create and build products that we would enjoy using. However, the hive bodies are currently the only "standard" offering we maintain. The rest of the wood working offering has no limits beyond what you would like to have created for your use. The tools and skill we have enable us to create one of a kind or large numbers of the "same thing" - depending on your needs. It could range from a simple house sign with a street number and last name, to a farm sign with 3D carving you'd use at your farmer's market setup, to a large sign with your cabin, a deer, and camp name to hang on your retreat in the woods or at the lake, to an awards plaque for your 4H show, a retirement plaque for that special fire fighter, and the list goes on..


Please contact us with your questions and custom design requests.