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Every year we end up with several wethers. What's a wether?


What can you do with a wether?  You can:

            Use them for harness or pack goats.

            Put them in a pasture (with other animals or by themselves) to improve the quality of the pasture.

            Have them as pets or nice additions to your flock/herd of stuff on your farm.

            One or more of the above and then eat them.


We band male kids who are not reserved for breeding or show purposes within a week of their birth.  They are fed and cared for the same as all of the other kids, so they have a great disposition towards people.


Our bucks normally reach 200 lbs by their second year.  Full adult weight (year 4 - 5) can exceed 250 lbs.

Running goats on your pasture will improve the amount of grasses and reduce injury and infection of your other animals because goats are browsers (not grazers).  They prefer to eat the things that compete with the desired grass growth.  Many of these are the same things that can cause eye and other minor injuries.


We strongly recommend that you run at least two goats together.  That way they'll have someone to hang out with and will be less prone to try and find the weakness(es) in your fencing.


We price the wethers by using the live weight price per pound we would obtain at market.  In 2000, we received 0.96 cents/pound.  Wethers are available for pickup two months after birth.  They normally weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.


We do take reservations for wethers.