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Fine Nubian Goats, Honey Bees and Wood Working Since 1987
Nubian Scenes

Nubian Goats

We raise purebred Nubians with the exception of one American Nubian bloodline that dates from our founding herd. Herd health is maintained by prevention as much as possible. Our goats are abscess and CAE free. We usually test for CAE every three to four years.


The Nubian goat is a large, proud, graceful dairy goat of mixed Asian, African, and European origin.  It is known for producing quality, high butterfat, milk. Because of the high fat content, Nubian milk is considered to have more flavor than lower butterfat milk .


The Nubian dairy goat was developed in Great Britain, a mixture of native milking stock and goats from the Middle East and North Africa. The distinguishing characteristics are its large, pendulous ears and Roman nose. Considered a dairy or dual-purpose breed, Nubians are known for the high butterfat of their milk.  They are large goats, with does weighing at least 130lbs. The head is the distinctive breed characteristic, with the facial profile between the eyes and the muzzle being strongly convex (Roman nose). The ears are long, extending at least one inch beyond the muzzle, wide and pendulous.