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Fine Nubian Goats, Honey Bees and Wood Working Since 1987
About KB Farms

About KB Farms

We are a small farm in central Kentucky, located about 4 miles south of Brandenburg, KY. Our herd numbers around 20-30 animals and we try to freshen no more than 25 does each year and maintain 1-4 bucks on our farm. We find that we can manage this number reasonably well and have enough goats in the herd to make good genetic progress.


We raise purebred Nubians with the exception of one American Nubian bloodline that dates from our founding herd. Herd health is maintained by prevention as much as possible. Our goats are abscess and CAE free. We usually test for CAE every three to four years.


Our bees came along the same year as our goats.  For many years we varied between two and four hives.  In the past couple of years, we have expanded our Apiary up to 10-15 hives.  We’ll see where we are in the spring of this year.  Our bees have been treatment free since 2002.  They are mutt bees, a mixture of Three Banded Italian, Russian, Carolinian, Buckfast, All American and wild bees in the area.  They are natural and small cell honey bees. They seem like good honey producers.  In a regular year, they make 60lbs a hive, while the boomer hives will give three to four supers in a great year.


There have only been a couple of years in which we had to feed the bees to get them through winter.  During those years we experienced an extended drought that started in June or July and lasted through the fall.


After a spending a number of years in wood working and web page development - and working other jobs full time - we have decided to add these aspects to our business. Over the years we have developed extensive experience in both areas - with a real world applications on our farm, with our family and friends, and while volunteering with a number of community organizations.